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If you’re still wondering what to get the readers on your shopping list, check out our spectacular collection of Calla Editions™. Filled with wonderful gifts for bibliophiles and the most beautiful volumes Dover has ever published, our line of Calla Editions™ reprints some of the most beloved children’s books of all time, as well as other famous works of literature. Each collectible hardcover features finely detailed facsimiles of the original bindings, rich color or duotone plates, and many more decorative flourishes.

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A Christmas Carol

Of all the stories in this esteemed collection, perhaps none are more appropriate for the holiday season than A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This timeless tale of an arrogant miser’s transformation into a paragon of warmhearted generosity is as much a part of the season as holly and mistletoe. Gorgeously illustrated by legendary artist Arthur Rackham, this keepsake volume features a dozen full-page color plates and 18 black-and-white images that recapture the story’s Victorian charm.

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Black Beauty

Recently retold in a new film, the timeless story of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell describes a spirited horse that passes through the hands of many masters — some kind, some cruel. Narrated from the horse’s perspective in simple yet lyrical language, Black Beauty tells a moving story of courage in the face of adversity and the healing power of love and kindness. This deluxe hardcover edition is graced by 18 full-color illustrations by noted equestrian artist Cecil Aldin.

The Fables of Aesop

For a collection of stories children will love to read, look no further than this brilliant hardcover version of Aesop’s timeless tales. Newly reset and decorated with ornate borders and running heads, this edition features more than 300 of the legendary fabulist’s brief but pithy morality tales. The stories are further embellished by 23 full-page color images and numerous black-and-white drawings by famed illustrator Edward J. Detmold.

The Holiday Shop & Gift Guide is filled with great book recommendations for anyone on your shopping list, so be sure to take a look — both now and into the holidays.

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