Celtic Ways and Wisdom

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By Time is Everything Revealed

The Celtic people once ranged far and wide across Europe. Today, we associate their ancient culture with the modern country of Ireland whose patron saint is Patrick, and who has his own day on March 17. That culture includes ancient swirling and knotted designs, music, and literature.

There is also a strong spiritual element, and one of the most approachable purveyors of this wisdom is from writer, gardener, and therapist Fiann O’Nuallain. His latest book, , is one of the latest releases from Ixia Press.

Fiann was inspired to write this book by his clinical and personal experiences as well as his love of his Irish heritage. When it comes to healing and getting well, we are the stories we tell ourselves, says Fiann.

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Great Irish Short Stories

“How the book ended up being based around old Irish proverbs is that proverbs are the essential lessons in life that our ancestors wanted to pass on,” he explains. “They are a survival guide to life, nuggets of ancient wisdom, the advice generations chose to preserve. There are 52 proverbs in the book and it can be read at one a week as a sort of life coaching mechanism — like a guided set of exercises and tasks to retrain or rewire your brain into more positive actions. Or you read through in a few days to get inspired and motivated, to pick a proverb or two as your affirmations and war cries.

“So these proverbs are the ones I heard all my life, and I do discuss in the book some of the quirks of the Irish psyche that produced them. If you are of Irish heritage you can trace your own quirks back to some of these, or if you have Irish friends you will get a better understanding. If you are planning on visiting Ireland it might be better than a road map and guide book.”

For example, there is an old Irish saying — Leave the bad luck to the last, in the hope that it may never come. Who needs a four- leaf clover when you can make your own good luck with this outlook on life?

If you love Celtic design (including lucky clover leaves), you can use Dover’s popular art titles, as well as find lore and literature.

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Creative Haven Celtic Crosses Coloring Book

Complex designs are featured in the a special treat for advanced colorists.

takes the mystery out of those amazing shapes so that you can try your hand at creating some of your own swirling patterns.

includes traditional stories and works by writers of the Irish Literary Revival like William Butler Yeats and James Joyce, whose short story “The Dead” is included, and one of the most moving works of modern short fiction.

However you choose to celebrate the life and legacy of one of the world’s most beloved saints, Dover is your go-to for the complex, the spiritual, and the fun.

And here’s one more for the road from Fiann: “May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live …and may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead”.

See more popular St. Patrick’s Day themed books at Doverpublications.com

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